Ice boat experience for my husband for Xmas?

My husband is longing for an iceboat but we can't swing it right now either financially or time-wise...I'd love to get him a 1/2 day of iceboating as a Christmas gift which he would absolutely love. He's an exerienced Hobie sailor and windsurfer. Is anyone willing to make a few bucks and give this deserving man a 1/2 day of heaven? We live in Tonka Bay right across the street from the lake. Need to know soon. Thanks!!!

we need to catch up...

"G", my DN is set up in Spring Park Bay and ready to go. "B" is welcome to go out anytime. If the weather holds (and the ice thickens) the whole family will be out Saturday/Sunday and over the holidays ice skating. We need to catch up. dallas-952-931-9108.

ping me -

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