race rules

Just a general question. Do you guys strictly race only one-design classes? If someone shows up with an odd iceboat are they allowed to race ... even if it's only academic? If allowed, are the odd boats just an irritation to the one-design classes?

All I have at the moment is an Isabella style boat. My next boat won't be any one-design boat either.


thanks again

thanks for all your words of encouragement. I met up the the land yacht guys a few years ago in Ivanpah a few years ago. What a great group of people! I have no doubt that the MN iceboat crowd is the same.

I built an Izzy once upon a time....

...it was cheap fun but when I saw what a DN could do, I simply had to get one. I would not consider lining up with a one design for even a fun race - your ego might get hurt and it is not all that safe when the speeds and angles are so different. Best laid plan is to come out and test drive a DN or a Nite and perhaps go for one of those in the future rather than another un-design boat.

Cruising around is nice and all, but racing a DN is an adrenaline addiction! The Nites are also active racers and are nice for taking a passenger.

All that said, anyone out on the ice enjoying a winter's day is a friend of mine.

Hope to see you soon,

Go to White Bear, most of

Go to White Bear, most of the time it's just high speed crusin' but you can have fun doing that and often the sailors stop in the middle of the lake to check out everyone's stuff. You may git a coldy or a bump off someone's flask. If you want racing with a few rules and one start go to Bald Eagle. But they are crazy, (and fun). If you want competitive racing and want to improve your program the head to Minnetonka.

Just Show Up!

Just show up!

Line up along side of the DN's for one race, (some guys will run with you once or twice) see what they can really do, er, see what their transoms look like going out of sight in 25 seconds, see what it's like to be lapped at least once by every boat in the fleet, twice by most... you'll be rethinking what your next boat will look like.

Really some say we're a fun group of iceboaters, lots of guys come and sail on the ice we check: as long as they don't get in the way; learn where the hazards are (so we don't gotta go rescue them) ... and execrcise some caution and congeniality; ... you'll learn a lot, maybe have some fun!

As always, Minnesota Ice Sailing is open to sailors of all abilities.


tough answer

They're not an irritation; they're a safety issue. You just don't want to put boats on the same course at the same time that are that far apart in speed.

Have fun sailing your Izzy, but think one-design if you want a race.


After rereading my post I realized that the "irritation" phrase may have kind of put you on the spot. That's wasn't my intention, sorry about that. Thanks for the response. I thought you raced DN's and Knites at the same time. I'm really a cruiser type anyway ... just exploring options.


DN and Nite on course together - bad...

slingblade, "I thought you raced DN's and Nites at the same time."

In Madison we occasionally (did) run DNs and Nites on the same course. Much of the time it's not a problem, but a couple of years ago I was almost T-boned by an inattentive Nite sailor (he was coming up the port layline and wasn't looking around for traffic at all). In such a collision the DN would come out very badly because the Nite is so much heavier.

I personally won't race with Nites anymore, unless I know the folks very well, and there aren't more than a couple of them on the course.


Geoff S.

Don't be sorry

No apology needed. I just wanted to be sure you didn't feel excluded. There's room for everybody. If the Nites and DNs set up at the some course, they rotate -- one races while the other rests.

If this helps, I used to sail a homemade rig, but switched over to one-design and haven't regretted it a bit. The boat holds value and the sailing experience goes up exponentially.