Pictures of Saturday Western Regionals

I just posted 120 pictures that Mike Bares took at the regatta.

This is probably the nicest set of pictures of a western regionals regatta that we have ever had access to.

You can click on the 'view original' and save the picture in high res so you can print it out yourself.

It's really great of him to go up and take the pictures and then let everyone have access to them.

Sorry there's no prev-next-slideshow feature, but nothing's perfect.

think ice

I just got and posted sunday's blustery day...

There's some more really good shots on sunday too.

another 76 or so...

It's super great to see all these pictures.

Regatta thank you

Thanks to Mark Isabell and all of his assistants for finding a great sheet of ice with all the best accomodations possible. Even the wind cooperated to finish 7 races with varied wind speeds.
JD was really in the groove as his finishes show in the Gold Fleet.
I would personally like to thank all the other competitors who helped me with my many questions of boat tunning and set up. It helps elevate the level of us newbies to this great sport.
Mike Miller

Mike Miller

Great Pic's


Thanks so much for capturing those shots. Definately some very cool photos.