Skimmer Ice Boat $400

I have an old "Lockley" Skimmer ice boat for sale (I'm posting it on Craigslist Fri. 1/26/07). It has a 45 sq. ft. sail, basically a pipe-go-cart type 3-blade triangular hull, and steers the front runner with the pilot's feet.

This boat is well-used, and the blades need re-tuning (blade flanges need to be bent/welded to straighten rear blades out). Brown sail (Bowers), green-painted hull, vinyl hammock for seat has one grommet torn. It's an excellent starter boat to get into this sport.

I've used it once this season on Lake Minnetonka. I've reduced the $500 sale price 20% because it does need blade-straightening, and I'd like to sell it before I leave for Mexico in a week. First $400 cash owns this boat! Please call or email Miles: Excelsior, MN. 952-470-9019.

Skimmer ice boat still for sale!

The picture I added was a generic download, and it inadvertently included a "sold" tag. The boat is not sold yet, and I'm available Saturday and Sunday to provide more info. or to show interested people the boat. Call 952-470-9019 or 952-237-3038 (cell).

Where is the pix?Ed Edwards

Where is the pix?Ed Edwards

Ed Edwards