Australia Day - Iceboating Event Northcoast, Wayzata

The Aussie Iceboaters said they'd be doing something celebrating the foundation of the "prison continent", Australia Day.

As such, in typical iceboat fassion, Kangaroo Style, the initial Australia Day DN Regatta will be held today at Northcoast Restaurant, Wayzata,MN starting at 4:00 pm local time...

Note; this event will be confined to talking about sailing.

As always... sailors of all abilities


Aussie Day - Week 9 summary

KA 1 sailed Saturday on Dutch Lake, Mound, MN he reports the show quite sticky and lumpy... and retrospectively wouldn't have sailed.

Nonetheless, somebody sailed in week 10.

A single DN also sailed lake pepin, lake city mn on sunday. reporting 1/4 inch of snow covering the main lake.

10 or so iceboaters showed up at sunset Sunday, Northcoast, including a total of 3 Aussie Iceboaters. Good company, bad jokes, lots of talk about the upcoming Gold Cup Regatta. Sorry, no Bundy.