DN World Championships - Hotline Update

The Silver Fleet

World Commodore John Harper left the following message on The IDNIYRA World Championship Phone Hotline Report:

6 possible sites currently under evaluation for the DN World Championships.

East: 2 on Lake Champlain.

Central: Anchor Bay, Lake St. Clair, Detroit, MI Lake St Clair Webcam and Maumee Bay, Toledo OH Maumee Bay Webcam (a relatively short in iceboat regatta terms, 650 - 700 mile drive from Minnesota)

In the West, two fresh frozen lakes; Geneva Geneva Webcam and Green Lake in WI

These lakes will be sailed throughout the week and this coming weekend.

The next update on the Sunday Feb. 11th (customarily at about 7:00 Eastern Time)

There are over 100 currently registered DNs, with a customary 30+ late registrants, a large fleet is expected. (hokey smokes Bullwinkle, that's a lot of iceboats!)

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Possible site selection for

from the idniyra website:

Possible site selection for the 2007 World and North American Championships:

Sites being evaluated or developing:

Lakes Geneva and Green Lake have new ice

Muskegon Lake, Anchor Bay on Lk. St.Clair, Saginaw Bay, too much snow on Higgins and Houghton presently

Maumee Bay and Sandusky Bay

Lake Champlain, two sites with 20% snow coverage with firm drifts as on 2/4/07

The far western lakes were not snowed out as of Sunday, 2/4/07

Everyone: Please keep looking and sailing!
Lots of possabilities as you can see

Next update on hotline: 2/11/07 at 21:30 hrs est

John Harper - IDNIYRA NA Commodore

Lake Pepin?

If it looks sailable, some will sail... any locals care to check in with a report?

thanks in advance, it's appreciated.