Snaped my mast last weekend :(

Do any of u know of a mast for sail.... broke my old wood one and now I'm lookin' for a new one!?

Mast for sale

I have a Sherry Whip for Sale. Asking $700. Let me know if you are interested.

Ash Mast for Sale

I have a new wooden ash mast that has never been used. It has 3 position mast socket in the base and all hardware is included. I am asking $300.00. I can be contacted at 734-854-3915.

Wood Stripper Mast available

Hello: I have a wood stripper mast available in very nice shape. Have upgraded to carbon. Leaving Saturday AM for worlds. Asking $275 or reasonable offer (w/o shrouds)

Please contact me at basmoss1 at in interested. We could speak on phone tonight. thank you

Ben Shaevitz

Call Pat Huttner # 952 451

Call Pat Huttner # 952 451 0331. He is leaving for the Worlds @ 2AM but you may be able to reach him tonight before he goes. He has a carbon fiber mast with very little use.

Sorry your a day to late. I

Sorry your a day to late. I just sold mine this am.

I think scott B. has a wooden mast w/ carbon.

Or try Rob, not sure if he still has it.
I've had this sitting around in the garage for a few years. Perfect condition, bends "just right" and professionally painted black. $600. Call Rob @ 612 two seven five 6010

Or Jane might have one
contact Jane Pegel

DN 5050

DN 5050