Any equipment/boats for sale at the DN Worlds?

Hi--was wondering if anybody will be selling DNs/Equipment after the DN Worlds--I will be down sailing (From Escanaba) on Saturday. Thanks!


Lot's o' gear

There are runners, hulls, masts, sails and more posted on the notice board at the regatta headquarters (at the Best Western Lobby).

Be aware that they may not be there on Saturday if they wrap up the NA's early or move the event.

Hotline for 2007 GC/NAs: 248-988-0851


Equipment left here to sell

Dariusz Kardas left his hull, plank and a mast for me to to sell. The hull is beautiful, P13. He finished in the top 20 in both the worlds and north americans. It is white painted, very stiff and comfortble. The plank is an airfoil glass reinforced plank. The mast is a glass mast and is fairly soft, suitable for one lighter than my 220 pound weight.

Also for sale are several very light carbon fiber tillers on a twist-push system. I am modifying them so they will drop-in to the Sarns hardware. I sail an earlier version, which is at least twice as heavy.

I have not established with him the price he wants for the package, but the hull is $2000. Tillers are $200.

Contact me for more information.

Ken Smith

Ken Smith