Isabella plans

Does anybody know where I can get plans for an Isabella iceboat ?


I had the link on my webpage but it is no longer working. The plans are not on either the Svensk or English sites. I'll see if I have them at home on my computer.

My boat lives on Lake Champlain in VT:

Meanwhile you could look into the new M-yacht, basically a DN with a big windsurfer rig:

Having built an Isabella, I would just as soon build or get a used DN. The windsurfing rig and the gaff system that keeps it in place leaves plenty to be desired, IMHO, and the 2x4 "plank" is undersized. We quickly reached the limits of the design at 30 mph. Do not believe the claims of 100 km/hr with this boat. Still, we knew no better and had fun with it.


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New Isabellasite in SWEDEN