Ice on Lake Christina! Ashby, MN

At dusk on Tuesday 20 November, I drove past Lake Christina, Significant parts of the Southern half of the lake are iced over, Ice has formed about 200 feet out from the world famous MilePost 8 launch site!

It's currently chilly, depending on which truth you check, they're thinking lows tonight will be between 15 and 20 degrees F. Average temperatures in Fergus are forecast to be ~ 20-22 Degrees F for the next 3 days... we'll see if we can get the freeze up dates locked in for both Dead and Christina when they happen, so you can all track ice making conditions and snow fall.

I doubt the lake will fully kick over tonight, but very soon. Depending on actual temperatures, and wind we see. If ice reports emerge, a sailing expedition this weekend is possible someplace near the Coot at Ashby... we may have to go Truckin up to Dead Lake... (the closest weather station to Dead Lake is in Wadena MN). It gets colder there, don't know why. It seems to average a degree and a half cooler there in the winter.

Here's the deal, A wise iceboater would be working on Runners RIGHT NOW, because it's a coin toss whether the season will start on Saturday or on Sunday this week!

It's gonna be Amazing_g!