the "great" western challenge regatta and cook off!

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Sent: Friday, December 14, 2007 6:05 PM
Subject: The Great Western Challenge Regatta & Cook Off!. 2007
Importance: High

Friday, Lake Pulaski, Buffalo, MN

Yesterday’s breeze removed a lot of snow, big drifts in close are under an inch, but it squeaks under foot, oh my kingdom for a set of skinny T’s… 

Three boats are on the ice, one from PA, one from NC, and this ice reporter. More are reported to be showing up, with a suggested safety meeting at 0930. Andy Markus is bringing the Grille!

Racing Plan: We’re looking at finding a race course with minimal snow impact, given the forecast light winds, imho, we’re looking at 400 – 500 yards, and running a single leg course until:
1. The course becomes unmanageable
2. We find a bigger better course
3. The wind dies out altogether and a party breaks out.
4. Bring Something to grille, or warm the spirit! A winner in this category will emerge!

Didn't go all out with ammenities, Andy M is bringing the grille and I'm sure something Morimoto only wishes he could cook. I understand at least one DNer is at the super8, expect if anybody else is travelling, they'll either be found there or in the hot tub at the carlson inn & suites in Buffalo...

It’s gonna be… what it will be.


And the racing... All 5366

Saturday was won by US 1419, who brought the big grille and the fantastic smoked pheasant, Great job at a spontaneous on the ice party!

There were some rides, pretty much confined to a small patch of really good ice, US 45 put on a several hour seminar in making a DN go fast on sticky snow, in very light air. Very Impressive!

Just after noon the wind came up on Sunday, those who were patient enough to wait got some great rides. OK the biggest two gusts probably didn't reach 10 mph. For a time there were about 10 die hards just ripping.

We set a course on a sheet of clear black ice maybe 150 yards long, running a beam reach more or less, left turns and lined them up.

The snow and light air made conservation of speed in turns and overall smoothness a high priority.

The average lap time was running about a minute, lots of passing, both at the corners and on the straights.

We ran 5 races by my count, six boats max in the course at a time. Enough for us all to have some new respect for our winner. US 5366 Adam Koller of Minneapolis.

Sailing ended about sunset, when we sent 5395 on his way back to Pennsylvania.

I guess we can call that a regatta.

Special thanks to all the people who played a part, (particularly those travelling great distances to share our ice, in making this Western Challenge and oh boy was it a challenge, happen. :)


They served pheasant for lunch!

Having just returned home from my first ever DN regatta (AKA the Western Challenge!) my wife asked me how a DN regatta differs from the several dozen Nite regattas I attended in the past.

To me the answer was obvious: They served pheasant for lunch!

Thank you, Icemaker, for all of your hard work.

DN 5432

The ringer with the Ringnecks was...

Winning the cook-off with style: US 1419, good call Andy!

Saturday on Pulaski

Mark reports that 15 DN's from 4 states are sailing on Pulaski as of 12:30 PM.
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Mike DN

Mike Miller

winds on dec 15

Weather Channel is calling for 5 to 10 mph winds an hour west of Pulaski. Green, Diamond, Eagle lakes and Andrew Lake are an hour west of Pulaski.