Spectacular 2008 NA's ON PEPIN, Pics are Available!

Sailing Photographer Dallas Johnson was on the ice and Shot some Spectacular Day One Photos on Pepin at the NA's, this shot shows the fleet under the legendary Maiden Rock Bluff on the Wisconsin Shore of Lake Pepin.

The fleets all proved an old iceboating legend by racing and beating trains, watching the entire DN Bronze Fleet outpacing a fast moving freight trains (visible on shore) was Epic. I saw 4 Train Races, The DN's won them all... but I think perhaps the trains may have not had the hammer all the way down.

The Indian legend of the bluff called Maiden Rock, which has some basis in historical fact, concerns a young Dakota Indian woman, Winona, who leaped to her death from the top of the most prominent bluff in the region rather than marry the brave her father, Chief Red Wing, had chosen for her.

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He stole the show after sailing by setting up the projector and lettting all the racers see themselves,

Great Work Dallas! Can't wait to look thru the rest of them.

The History / Legend of Maiden Rock Bluff

Maiden Rock History:
The Minnesota city of Winona is named for We-no-nah, the maiden who leaped to her death rather than wed a man she did not love. This is one of the best known legends of the region and there are many versions of the story. We-no-nah, meaning first born girl was the daughter of Chief Ta-te-psin, whose village was at the falls of St. Anthony. She was very fond of Father Menard, the Catholic missionary and first white man in the area. We-no-nah cared for him during his final illness and buried him with her family.

She had many suitors but dreamed of more pale faces to come. The Dakotah braves proposal of marriage was at nighttime to hold his 'lover's torch' over the head of the maiden he wanted. One man, Tamdoka, had thus proposed three times to We-no-nah. but each time she had covered her head, which was the sign of rejection. One day a French trader and explorer arrived at the Indian village. He and his group were entertained with a feast and games. He in turn was generous with gifts. We-no-nah received a deep red shawl, a necklet and some ribbons. She told DuLuth of Father Menards death and burial and presented him with the priest's gown and prayer book.

During the games Tamdoka was an easy winner in the races, whereupon he was challenged and beaten by DuLuth. Tamdoka became very angry when he saw We-no-nah's pleasure with DuLuth's win and the Indian began plotting against the Frenchman. We-no-nah's elderly father died, leaving the harsh stepmother in charge of the children. As head of the family she had a right to sell We-no-nah toTamdoka. Meanwhile DuLuth was planning to return to France. We-no-nah pleaded to go with him. DuLuth promised to return in the spring. We-no-nah warned him of Tomdoka's plot to assassinate DuLuth when he left the Falls and he successfully avoided an encounter with Tamdoka.

In celebration of spring, all the Indian bands joined together in games at Keoya, which was somewhere between Wabasha and Winona. The stepmother and Tamdoka had arranged for the sale of We-no-nah at the spring games and she must then go to Tamdoka's tent. We-no-nah rowed her own canoe to the games, still hoping for DuLuth to return. She was with the bands camped for the night at the tall bluff which rose 400 feet above the water. We-no-nah climbed to the top, stood at the brink and sang her death song. As Tamdoka and other warriors rushed toward her, she leaped from the rock. While the women were still searching for her body, the sound of an oar was heard as DuLuth returned as he had promised.

In the late 1800's a tourist boat was approaching Maiden Rock as the captain told the story including the fact that people still claim to hear her song. He waid there have been reports of Winona appearing on the precipice. At that moment a young girl stepped to the brink and waved a handkerchief. Was it the ghost of We-no-nah?

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