DN Worlds Photos - Czech them out!

G 107 Bernd Zeiger sent a couple shots from the Opening Ceremonies, on Lake Lipno, Czech Republic. We'll post more as they come in. 2008 Worlds Images

Opening 05

Best told by someone who's there... and sails on the ice!

Commentary from a blogger/DN Sailor on the ice at Lipno: FRED'S BLOG: Regatta, Sailracing, Sailing, DN, Dinghies, Yachts, segeln, windsurf
A guy who's not afraid to say what he's thinking!

"We are dwn here at Lake Lipno. 182 sailors from 15 Nations. Beautiful weather but a lack of wind. Today the first qualifier for the "D" fleet had been sailed. "C" fleet hat been abonded. Tommorow we will have 7m/sec and we do hope that the Race committee will find a bigger area than today otherwise I expect a demolution derby on the small course."

Nice work, it's appreciated!

Carpe DN