2007 DN Gold Cup Worlds DVD!!

The 2007 (last years) Gold Cup DN World Championship is now available for immediate shipping!!

The Rev,a member on the site has done it!

If you attended the 2007 Worlds on Green Bay last year you might have seen him on the ice bike with his camera gear.

Relive the miles and miles of ice last year on Green Bay, we haven't seen too much of that this year.

It's a great video to get you pumped up with friends, or to watch when you are doing your fitness routine..

Running Time: 45min

Distributed thru iniki.com

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Great video- Just got mine

Great video- Just got mine a week ago and it's in heavy rotation- The kids got a kick out of it, it's handy for explaining to the unitiated where the hell I am and what the hell I'm doing every weekend, and it's good for recon purposes...

Awesome footage, I highly recommend it. Two thumbs up, as the saying goes!

Thanks to the guys who took the time to make it-

Think Ice! T Thieler DN US 5224

Ice is nice, heat is beat!

You Tube Sneak Peak

There's a chapter of the dvd on the Youtube.. (with a you-tube only intro by petey)

YouTube 2007 DN Worlds DVD Chapter

Icemaker rates this video Five Stars!

Five Stars, as far as regatta videos go, I don't have to see it to order it.

The Rev's been coming down to the ice, with a camera for almost a decade now...

He's got a great sense of what DN Racing is all about, and with his Eyes, I know I look better than I really am... :)

The producer of the Groove Armada video of a Great Western Challenge on Buffalo, filming the Epic Great Western Challenge on Dead Lake last winter, he's out there filming us when it's extreme.

This is how video artists cover their production and travel costs, buy it, it's great work by a great shooter, show it to your friends, get them hooked!