Icemaker’s Open, 2008 Closed Course Championship

Icemaker’s Open, 2008 Closed Course Championship,Important Announcement... March 15 & 16 2008

The wind forecast for MSP this weekend, best we can find is 2-5 MPH & variable, others suggest the wind will be 0.0

Based on this local forecast, the 2008 Closed Course Championships will be postponed exactly one week. March 15 & 16 2008.

Be wearing your green, we've made a special request and had St. Patrick's Day Rescheduled in support of this event! Remember, In Iceboating...Kilts are for the Fair Lasses only please.

The Primary Site Remains White Bear Lake, MN.


Course Preparation is Underway!

White Bear Lake, MN preparation of our courses for next weekend's 2008 Closed Course Championship is underway, (underweigh?) This morning we laid out two ~ 1/2 mile ovals, orientated about 90 degrees apart.

The cold temps made snow removal today too time consuming and hard on the equipment to do much more than plot the location & distance. Today sailing here is not possible...

By mid week we exect to be doing hot laps on the finest DN Closed Course Track ever crafted. The tracks are straight out from the White Bear Boat Works, our Event Headquarters for next weekend... they're holding their Annual Spring Open House Next Saturday... with World Acclaimed Chili Cook Off...

Look to continuing reports and photos as this develops...


We should still sail if

We should still sail if there is any breeze at all. I dont think it would take much on a reach to reach course.