What's the difference between DN Racers and Everyone Else, Take the Quiz!

The Icemaker’s Real Challenge!

The answer is: DNers Are OLD!, Older than Average! 15 years older!
The Average Age at DN Worlds 2008

Gold Fleet : 42 years old!

Silver Fleet 48 years old!

Bronze Fleet 52 years old!

The Average US Competitor was ~ 49 Years Old!

The Quiz:

1. It this OK? Y/N ______

2. If No, What have I done to change it: ____________________________________

3. If I’d gone the fleet would have been Older or Younger on Avg. O/Y ______

4. In 5 years will the FLEET be Older or Younger? O/Y ______

5. Is this OK? Y/N ______

6. If NO, What have I done to change it? _________________________, ______________

If you answered NO to any question above, … the Icemaker’s Challenge happening Tomorrow & Sunday on White Bear Lake,MN! We believe this is a milestone event in a project that will succeed in attracting a younger, more vibrant group of sailors to our wonderful sport.

This is your chance to say: “Yes , I DID, It just might drive the future growth of our sport, I tried something!”

The answer key: There aren’t any “right answers”

For more information:

For More Info

The Icemaker's Answers to the Quiz:
1. NO!
2. Closed Course Racing!
3. I would have made the US Fleet Older.
4. The Fleet will be old enough to be Grandparents!
5. NO, That's Not OK with me.
6. We're doing something about it Tomorrow and Sunday! Join us!

Alternative DN 5 Year Plan: Wheelchair Ramps at Regatta Launch Sites, the fleet can't get down to their boats!

Carpe DN


Fleet growth

If everyone builds one Ice opti we are well on the way to a younger fleet. Oval track would be really cool for the kids just starting out.

JD US4691

JD US4691


From what we've seen with the oval track racing, it may indeed be the way we see kids program moving... if we can indeed get them off the couch.

  • Confining the area where the youth are sailing keeps things safer, no flaws on an inspected track
  • The course may suit the power constrained IceOpti very well
  • A schedule sailed, allowed by a groomed track, expands the hours, hence chances of addiction to the sport
  • I think they'll have fun on the track, maybe more fun!

As some are still concerned, we have yet to prove that the oval track is "safer" than the open course... which I believe to be the case...there are still a number of aspects yet to standardize before we go sending our most precious unto a left turn only course.

Little kids rippin around the "Devil's Playground(tm)" In IceOpti's painted up like SpeedRacer? People will start to think the D-Playgound Name is all hype! :)