The 15th Great Western Challenge Regatta

For fifteen years, the first weekend in December we've been sailing the Great Western Challenge Regatta, its the only real party I toss every year... as always, we'll have a great sheet of ice, and figure the rest out when we get there.

The Dates: December 5,6,7, 2008 (Friday is always perfect, not to be missed)

The Place: Best Ice, Western Region, (Plan on someplace in Minnesota, as we'll follow the freeze South from Milepost 8, Lake Christina, Ashby, MN)

Who's Coming: You never know. (I never know)

What are we doing: For sure we'll be sailing DN Iceboats, probably on pretty thin ice. If the ice is thicker, bigger, who knows what else might show up.

Details, hyperbole, etc. are soon to follow. Posts here and on all other pertinent iceboating sites on the web.

"Rumor has it":
- That we may see a Junior IceOpti Event on our ice in conjunction with the party... cool...assuming the Juniors show up, we should try to conduct a self rescue training session, kids need to know ice.

- Another new rumor... we'll have a demo short course there for folks to try too.

- Also expect to have the chance to buy a wicked and highly collectable regatta shirt this year, and some other cool stuff too.

As always, sailors of all abilities are welcome at all Minnesota Ice Sailing Association Events. Sail Fast, Sail Safe... see our FAQ's.

It's gonna be... AMAZING

Carpe DN,

the Icemaker

Is there a phone information number?

Yes, there are several Polish sailors coming. Boats are enroute. Several sailors arrive in Chicago Tuesday evening. Expect at least five...

Blow that snow south, please.

Is there an information phone number? It will be tough to update the destination while enroute in a vehicle...

Ken Smith

Ken Smith

new rumors

I've heard that Canyon Ferry Montana Sailors are planning on sailing at the Great Western Challenge,

Posts etc, also indicate we may see sailors from Germany and Poland...

Choose a superlative...

Yeeee haaaa!

Yeeee haaaa!