Washington & Osakis report

Based on telephone contacts Monday morning:

Lake Washington- near Dassel, MN
Lake is 1.5 miles wide and 3.5 miles long
Saturday ice was 4-5inches of perfect black ice. A number of 4 wheelers and fisherman out.
Sunday and today. A half inch of fluffy snow-hardly enough to sweep off driveway- no drifting of the fluff. Most on the grass areas seemed to evaporate.
A public launch exists on south shore.
I will personally inspect on Tues 4PM, unless someones sails it today and reports by then.

Lake Osakis- Osakis Mn, 12 miles SE of Alexandria

Per phone call to a homeowner on the East shore, confirmed by bait shop in town. Lake is 3 miles wide and 10 miles long. Been frozen tight 10 days. Some chunks and rough ice 50 yards out from east shore. Otherwise perfect black ice all across. 4-5 inches, other than the north end with 3-3.5 inches. No known open areas. A small ice ridge from east side Miller Pt to middle of lake- not inspected. NO SNOW ON ICE CURRENTLY, other than 10% small patches of minor snow event from Saturday night. Numerous fisherman were out and some 4 wheelers from town. Bait shop reported 5 ice boat contraptions were going fast Sunday afternoon until dark. he thinks they were staying on the south end of lake. If I get time today may run over and personnally look it over or Tuesday AM for sure.

week 4?

Did Osakis get missed by the last snow storm? It seemed to just get nicked for about a half hour with snow yesterday(by radar).
Any one in the area to check it out?
Would the Nites concider this for there 2008 Nationals? Bald eagle and White Bear are probably done for a while.

here's what I know

Green lake near spicer looks promising, late freeze big ice, and little snowfall.

Based on the NWS Reporters Washington may have little snow.

Okoboji is freezing right now, and it's going to be cold.

Osakis report

I am in Long Prairie and Salk Centre for work the first part of the week, which is 15 miles east of Osakis. Both of these towns had 2-3 inches on Sunday and Monday. I would expect Osakis got the same. On Sunday AM we had 30% drifts of 2-5 inches on Osakis. I have not inspected Osakis since racing DN Sunday 1PM. I would think the new snow and expected wind will increase drifts on lake to 50% or more and height could be 8-10 inches!!
You may want to phone the bait store in town 320-859-5159 for an up to date report. DN's would not be able to navigate the new conditions safely.

Lake Washigton, Sunset Dec 2

5369 reports Lake Washington is another Grade 9 sheet of ice, photos available, but why bother post another boring set of shots of near perfect ice?

The downgrade to nine, the sailing area is a little constrained due to a pressure ridge, 1 foot tall. estimated .8 mile course.

Overnight Radar shows they may have gotten some snow although Spicer Webcam this morning doesn't show any snowfall there.

Error on post of Lake Washington

Phone update on Lake Washington, 10:30 AM Wed. Had about 25 flakes in air at 10PM last night, but can't see a flake on ground. The lake looks the same as I left it at 5PM Tues. The pressure ridge is on North third of the lake so course area would be 1.5 miles X 1.5 miles.
Clearly a back up site if needed.

I'll call Al... that was probably him on Osakis

other reports are streaming in with soon to be published shots of Perfect Ice in Minnesota for Week 3 and the Great Western Challenge Regatta!


Our old friend Al from Browerville was out with 2 boats joined by a new iceboater from Osakis, they sailed from 11 am until dark, Ethel says they reported 5-7 inches of ice and a slight snow dusting that did not impair speed. Al will call when he gets back...

from up Highway 10

Sweet ol Bruce just phoned in an Ice Report from Perham MN, Big Pine Lake... "it's as good as you'd ever want."

The lake is fully frozen and 99 to 99.5 Clear of snow, some fish houses are out, 1 mile from town.