Upgraded the Site!

Upgraded the site to drupal 4.7.5...

trying to get up to drupal 6 for the multimedia/video actions..
Probably do that after the regatta...


Nice Upgrade

Site looks great!


Software upgrade just before a "big event"!


that's the way I roll

Totally gutsy.. (of course I could switch back).. I'm thinking of try to get to drupal 5.x.

How I do the upgrade; dump the database, load up current database to new database. Create a new directory, new virtual web server for the new site..
like dev.iceboating.net (right now it's the old site switch-a-roo)
copy over the files, themes.
download your new modules for new version
startup new dev site pointing to new database, run update.php script, install/upgrade new modules... wha-la

I'm trying to get up to the new version to showcase some videos from the event... which is ironic because I broke the current video posts..

upgrade train

Upgraded to drupal 5.12

Let's see how that works... it already fixed the images/thumbs problem so we go that working...

Looks good!

Looks good!


and how about that flash?

and auto urls are back on
check out the 30mph gusts...