glued the chocks to the plank today

I tried a couple of different methods to make sure they were parallel. I did it with the plank off of the boat. The theory is get the chocks straight and then fine tune with the runners.
we'll see.

first i had 2 48" drywall tees hooked to the outside of the chocks, and then a 5' level to line the to up. I wrapped bike inner tubes around the level and the tee.. and wha-la i had a jig.

But then after i was done i put the level on the chock fore-aft like an runner and then measured each end of the level- back through to the inside of the opposite chock's axel hole. That worked better i think. All and all it took me quite a while.

i used gougon 105/206 slow epoxy w/ 303 micro fiber bonding

I'll see how good a did when i get out on the ice.


Looking for DN plank construction article

If someone could point me to a good DN plank construction article online I would appreciate it. I haven't been able to find any. I already have all the hardware.


plank co nstruction

Go to the Bulletin board
There are several discussions on plank construction spring rate etc. look under Misc . Other topics at bottom of page.