wanted ..... old hull

I am looking for an old hull... if you have one laying about that needs TLC please give me a call..


Old Hull

Sorry to all who responded to my response to Anonymous Skipper that I knew of some old hulls that were available..... Oops! I recently found out that one is gone...and the other has been put into service so neither are avaialble. Sorry. I'll keep looking and post if I know of any others.

Rolf, I am posting for Sean

I am posting for Sean Henderickson who is looking for an old hull. The hull can be in any condition he just wants to get out on the ice. My brother and I should have enough old parts to put together a boat for Sean.
Please contact Sean at Sean@pcspeed.com
or 612-325-1954.

phone number duh


Old Hull

What kind of hull are you looking for? I know of a couple of hulls that could be had for free or next to nothing.

Old hull for me too...looking for a DN hull in need of TLC!

Last year I was bitten by the boat bug, OUCH! So, now I too am looking for a DN hull in need of TLC! We are making all of our own hardware, and have an extra mast, runners and sail. Now that just leaves the time factor of building a hull. Much faster to get one and make it ready to run. Might even see the late ice???

William Schmiedlin

old hull

im not the anonymous skipper, but could you please reply if you have info regarding a good affordable boat (complete) suitable for a beginner?