DN Western Challenge Update (Dec 6 & 7)



Several lakes of suitable size appear worthy of consideration at the present time, (frozen, nominal snow cover) Notably, Buffalo and the shallow lakes near Ashby, Christina & Pelican, both in Minnesota.

Based on what we now know, we're "pretty sure" the primary site will be Buffalo Lake, Buffalo Minnesota.

The MISA is seeking a nominally qualified race official to assist in starting/scoring this epic ice battle. Volunteers may contact Mark Kiefer or John Dennis.

For those travelling from out of state in particular, please note there are several Buffalo names in Minnesota, please make certain you are travelling to the right one!

MapQuest -- Buffalo, Minnesota

Live Webcam view of sailing area:

Final Site Selection announcement, lodging informaion, social activities, etc. shall be posted no later than Wednesday, 7:30 pm Central Time.

We understand a contingent of "Carpetbaggers" from the Central region are planning on attending.

As always, sailors of all abilities are welcome at all Minnesota Ice Sailing Association events.

Think Ice. 4695


Regatta is ON for Buffalo Lake Buffalo, MN

Having concluded the current conditions at Buffalo are PERFECT, and forecast similar in perspect. We have no choice but to call the Regatta on for Buffalo Lake, Buffalo Minnesota, this weekend. December 6 & 7, 2003...

Launch site shall be Sturges Park, Buffalo MN... first race shall be 11:00 am local time saturday. Racing to continue for a Minimum of 9 scored races (you're all going home with sore necks :) ... a decision about total number of races and discarding a race from the score shall be made at the competitiors meeting 9:00 am on the ice.

Additional details including housing, maps, social activities, etc. shall be posted in due course...

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