We're done!

The regatta was finished this morning when we got out on the ice and it was a whiteout.. nice coating of snow all over so you couldn't see the hazard, not that that matter, because there wasn't any wind either..

So we are heading home and I guess that there might be some good local ice!!



Worlds and the North Americans

What a blast!!!!

I had a ton of fun at both the regatta's.
This was my first big regatta, aside from some local scrub racing. I learned a lot, I know what I need to do to improve now. Jd helped me get everything ligned up and set up right, which helped a ton. I have good speed now. It was incredible how everyone was willing to give tips and help me figure out how to get up to speed. I truly appreciate everyone's willingnes to help out.
I met a lot of great new friends. Saw a ton of really cool boats, with interesting inovatative things on all of the boats. Just wish that my camera didn't die just before I left.

I logged 250 miles for the week of racing. I would go out sailing and practice between races, and on the non race days. I had my gps in my pocket. I had a top speed of 52.8 mph. It was amazing on the last day of racing in light air- It was blowing about 5-6, I hit 34.7 mph. that was with some rough ice, I'm trying to figure out how to spell ba BA Ba bba bbabaaba, the rough-bumpy ice thing.

Looking forward to the next big event, it will be worth the drive. I'm going to builld some racks in my big trailer, and maybe drag a couple of buddies with me for the next one.

Driving home yesterday, it looked like we have some good ice for sailing here at home. Just wishing it was warmer here, it never got below 29 degrees all week. On Tueday in Traverse City it hit 60 degrees. It made for very comfortable sailing all week long.

Looking forward to sailing next weekend at home.

Where is everyone thinking about going to play at?
Count me in.

DN 5050

DN 5050