some people are really using the site.

I love it that people are using the blogs and the site gallery. I never know how people will react to the site, but so far i think it's been really good.

It would be cool to get some of the more experienced sailors to do a couple of pages on things like, a racing tack, runner profile and alignment, modern mast tuning, driving in partial snow cover, essential gear to bring to the regatta, etc..

Another thing I'd like to do is to load up all the IDNIYRA scores in a database, then you could graph your ranking, and compare yourself to your archrival, or see your ranking over history, etc..


log in problem

I have not received a password for login and have requested it three times. Please help. It's not any fun being known as "Anonymous Skipper".

Thanks, Corey Hughes, Nite 341