ice runner sharpening

I had all of my runners sharpened today at Seven Seas in Excelsior MN. Tim did a great job and adjusted a few crowns as well. I did my own final stoning. Tim is flexible and can do them while you wait. Call him first to be sure. The price is reasonable.
This was their posting a few months back.

We have finished dialing in our new runner sharpener and are ready to start providing sharpening service.
The sharpener was built around a 132" belt so we will be able to handle most types of runners.
Winter store hours are Tues, Wed, Thurs 12-4, Saturday 10-2. We are usually around though so feel free to call ahead outside of store hours.
Contact info;
Seven Seas 952-470-0099
Shorewood Yacht Club 952-474-0600