440C Source

I am in the second and currently most successful year of developing a three runner (single in the back) ice wind surfer. I started with the usual hot rolled steel and now want to make some real runners for it (well I am sailing on a salt pond so maybe want is not the correct word). I scaled down what I saw you DN folks doing and came up with 2" x 3/16 runners these are working well and I want to repeat them in 440C every internet search comes up empty. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


On the hard Salty stuff in RI



You might just want to buy the 440 already machined from Ron Sherry ,He is the Main supplier for DN Class
It looks expensive but I investigated years ago and the steel alone not hardened or machined is probably $200.per blade

Now you need to machine unless you have a shop/$$
NoW harden and thier probably going to be warped when done, Now straighten and you can break them in half, I broke one ouch , 200 mistake or machine again.
He has 3/16 X30"by I thin2 1/2" or 36" long. We had a bunch made years ago from a supplier and out of 20 blades only 2 were straight. sent all back.
Rons stuff is straight and ready to go.

If 30" is too long you can probably cut off with a angle grinder and a couple of metal blades
You can get 304 1/4r 3/16 pretty cheap and I use them for plate runners just dont stay sharp for more the a day or so if sliding around. But still a good non corrosive runner, easy to sharpen and machine but cant be hardened not enough carbon content
You cold just take some boiler plate and try to flame harden with a torch and oil or water quench.
I do have 2 pieces of 3/16 X30" x2" 304 SS were in bodies but took apart, profiled and sharpened available if interested
I could sell for $175.00 plus shipping
Good luck

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