DN Western Region Championship ASAP (Accelerating Schedules Always Possible)

Guess what?

The Central/Opti regatta is not a sure thing, certainly not in southern MI, and both Lake Geneva and Green Lake are EXCELLENT, but not expected to be quite enough ice for the ISA or for stern-steerers. Three to four inches of black, smooth ice now. The forecast is also excellent with not enough warm to thin the lakes, not enough cold to grow much ice, but enough warm to sail comfortably, and no significant snow predicted.


We are anticipating the possibility of accelerating the Western Schedule for this weekend DEC 16-17, with a tentative site location being announced about 9 PM Wednesday CST. The two sites under consideration are Green Lake WI and Geneva Lake, Fontana, WI. Looking forward to reports from MN as well.

Should the Centrals be postponed, we will make every effort to go and the Opti North Americans will go too with us. I am feeling pressure from both sides, should the Centrals, Optis be called on and we have a chance for great ice at Green Lake. Weigh in.

And for all you who thought I was crazy for delaying two weeks, ok the humble pie tastes GREAT.