Western DN Regions called ON for Jan 23-24

Ken Smith just posted this on the DN forum. Location to be Green Lake Wi. It is only 4.5 hours SE of Wayzata!! I sailed on it last Sat when it was an 8. See photo posted on Jan 17.

Green Lake still looks favorable. There are two or three sheets of ice all apparently suitable for a regatta, so the nites present on the lake will not be an issue regarding the Western Regional Championships.

Whoever the nite organizers are, Joe Norton and Mike Jankowski and the Green Lake Iceboat Club (over 100 years old!) will coordinate course locations.

As of Wednesday noon, the forecast is for 50% chance of rain Saturday during the day, possible 1/4 -1/2 inch of rain accumulation Saturday evening, and 50% chance of rain or snow on Sunday. We will be watching this forecast, but unless it deteriorates -- the regatta is called ON. Check this site and the Wisconsin hotline for updates.

Regatta Headquarters will be the Heidel House, Green Lake, WI, who is offering a rate of $69 for iceboaters. Early Friday arrivals can expect to find ice boaters at Norton Restaurant just outside of the town of Green Lake.

Heidel House Resort

643 Illinois Avenue
Green Lake, WI 54941-9750
(920) 294-3344

Most likely parking and lake access is at the county park on Highway K at the west end of the lake. There are privy and parking there, and the ice is safe to drive on to park. There is some rough ice (driving and sailing not recommended) between the parking area and the nearest ice sheet. A second ice sheet is just past the first pressure ridge, about a half mile east of this area. A possible third ice sheet is at the east end of the lake were the zamboni weather is at work. CHECK HERE OR THE HOTLINE BEFORE YOU SET UP. The middle of the lake is open, so sailing from east to west end is not possible. In an iceboat.

Early registration at the Heidel House Friday is now tentative due to some logistics problems, which may or may not get worked out. Registration will be on the ice in the parking area Saturday morning and closes following the skippers meeting, as listed in the announcement.

DN Regionals off

Too bad about that. I was gonna go slosh around Green. Seems Like Lake Superior is the best bet for good ice this weekend.(23/24th) I'm puttin on my snowboards & carbon ski runners. Hope the Winter carnival in San Pablo doesn't melt too! :(


DN Westerns Postponed


I just got off the phone with Ken Smith and he has decided to postpone the regatta because the weather forecast is trending to worse weather for Saturday.


Geoff S.

go thurs

clear ice, blowing 15+, 33 deg, 12 mph on fri. raining sat, snow sun. I'm going THURSDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! coming home sat to watch the vikings loose. meyer

ya xxxxx