Thunder Bay, Lake Superior

no snow! more then 12" of ice! course over 1 mile!

[when I talked to JD he said ya can set a three mile beat! A fantastic sheet!"

This is the event to improve your world ranking!


the Balance of the content in this post is dated!

Dang it.. now it's getting really serious..

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RE: DN North American Championships NOR

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We regret to inform that we will postpone an additional 24 hours for a total of 48 hours. We are looking at developments and possibilities throughout the entire North American Region. I will have more info at 6:30 EST today after I receive ice reports from our scouts.

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Regatta postponed 24 hours. Will continue to postpone 24 hours until suitable ice is found.

Stay tuned every day - next update Thursday (tomorrow) no later than 5 pm EST

Rich Potcova
So registration/check-in is now moved back 48hrs and scheduled for

Monday, 2/28/10 - 5-8 pm CST Final registration and check-in at site.
Tuesday, 2/29/10 - 9 am skippers meeting at launch site. 10:15 first race.

everyone.. really,really hard now.. THINK ICE!

Only a 6.5 hour drive from Mpls.

check your passport, may be the closest sexiest ice you'll see till next fall.

This from Jimmy

Regatta Headquarters :: Prince Arthur Hotel
$93 for a double, we are seeing if we can get a special rate (we have to talk with the manager)
The Prince Arthur is in downtown Thunder Bay, right next to the marina.

Registration at The Prince Arthur Hotel, Monday, 1 March 2010
6:00pm to 9:00pm Eastern
(Thunder Bay is in Eastern)

Launch Directions:
Take 11/17 East about 20 km from Thunder Bay,
Turn south, right on Spruce River Road
Turn Left on Lake Shore Drive
Turn right on Silver Harbor Road
Lake Head Conservation Launch site at end of road.

DN 5050

what we know..

Best Current Site: South End of Torch Lake

Torch Lake was walked today, but it was too windy to sail it. It was reported as around a 4 or 5. Some snow cover, 1 to 2". Only around 3" or 4" thick. IT HAS NOT BEEN SAILED. Hopefully Ranked DN sailors will be going to Torch on Friday and Saturday. Forecast for lows in the twenties at night, highs in the thirties. We would really like this to be colder to lock it in.

Backup Site: Pymatuning Reservior

Pymatuning Reservior is in Pennsylvania and was to be sailed today, but we haven't received the report. Forecast: Winter Storm Warning in effect until 7 PM EST Friday... so they will get snow tonight and Friday night. So it will probably be out.

Extreme Last Hope: Thunder Bay, Ontario

Thunder Bay, Ontario on Lake Superior. I called and talked to the Commodore of the Yacht Club and he lives on the bay and says it's perfect and they have been out ice skating on it. If everything else falls apart we may send a scouting mission up there on Saturday (on the way to Torch Lake, maybe). The forty or so of us that made it up there would probably have a good time..

So This Regatta is going to go down! Just stand by.
Important dates and procedures..

We need 48hrs after it is called on to registration at 5:00pm.

So with registration on Monday at 5:00pm, we need to call the location on by Saturday at 5:00pm, or on Saturday at 5:00pm we can postpone for another 24hrs.

Right now on Thursday at 5:00pm we are 4 days to registration.

If we work backward.. from the end of the regatta next saturday..
Latest reasonable registration is Wed 5:00pm, (race thur, fri, sat)
48hrs from Wed 5:00pm is Monday at 5:00pm.

So on Monday at 5:00pm we have to make the 48hrs call to registration on Wed at 5:00pm

Did you follow all that..

If we don't have ice that has been sailed by Monday at 5:00pm we are going to be under some time constraints.

But really, to get this show on the road..we need to have sailed our venues and reported back to Rich well before 5:00pm on Saturday.

NA's are "ON" for Thunder Bay, Ontario,

Registration on Monday evening w/ racing on Tuesday.

Ice is "beautiful and goes on for miles".

Check the hotline (248)988-0851 for official regatta information.