Iceboating on Lake Superior


What a great day!

We went for a great ride today out on Thunder Bay, Lake Superior.

We got into Thunder Bay around Noon.
Sunny blue skies and a huge sheet of sailable ice greeted us.

We met up with my friend, Dale Shymko who had a map to the public launch site all ready for us. We got down there checked the ice, and there is miles and miles of it.. Dale had his DN on his truck and had been sailing all day yesterday.

more Thunder BayWe went back out and set a huge course, we didn't have a gps.. but looking at a chart, and some dead reckoning on the ice, it must have been at least 1.5miles. We left the marks out on the ice, so tomorrow we might be able to go back out with a gps, not that it matters..

The breeze slackened in the evening, but during the day the downwind was pretty fast..

The scale of things seemed off..with the huge bluffs so far away.. There is so much ice out there, and the longer we stayed out there the more ice there seemed to be..


First Regatta on Superior?

This has to be a first...

Has anybody ever sailed a regatta on Superior?

Re Thunder Bay...

How about a 'Shore Race out a mile or two from Grand Marais to Thunder Bay ... & Then 'Back. ... No passports ... and a much nicer ' town to start & end up in! ...You said Miles of ice ... or Is Grand Marais still snowed in? ...


that be water..

80 miles of open water..