IceWe are heading down to the ice and opening ceremonies. It looks like there is some breeze up on the hill. I think we are going racing today! Light wind was forecast..

Word is we have about 60 boats. we are going with two fleets.


open water

Just remember to keep near the shore...there is a bit of open water to the SE....out in Lake Superior!.

and there looks to be some ice on Isle Royale...but good luck trying to get there...

Drink some of that good canadian beer for the rest of us poor folks who have to work!


Good Luck!!!!

Hope the wind forecast folks are wrong and you get some wind.
That is a great looking sheet of ice.

DN 5050

DN 5050


Dang.. NO GO

We waited till around 2:40 and then called it off for the day. We rescheduled the annual meeting from 8:00pm to 5:00pm.

Tomorrow we have a skippers meeting at 9:00am in the pits and hopefully a 10:00am start for racing.

The annual meeting is going well..
moving right along..