Western Regional (Spring Equinox) regatta

The excitement is mounting with talk of great ice in Minnesota. Today is Tuesday.

To call this regatta on, we need boots and runners on ice Thursday morning at the latest, update to me by noon, so I can post the site. All this is so the traveling folk can get to the ice Friday. (Not the traveling folks sailing in Florida, the guys who already headed south, or the kayakers, but the iceboaters looking for one more good weekend!)

I understand that Gull Lake MN and Mille Lac are possible, as maybe a few lakes near Buffalo MN. If we have regatta ice and a decent forecast, we will sail this weekend. (Yes, Tommy, I listened to the whole message, and the forecast at Mille Lak is promising with some cold nights!) Or possibly Bay de Noc, MI.

SO if you are in MN or the UP and want to sail, sail and report the conditions! Also recommend a hotel...

Unless a lake is sailed, we must postpone. If we have ice sailed, and we can, we will have a regatta.

The Western Regional (Spring Equinox) regatta.

west region

bring it on carpe!


the Ice we have

the forecast we have...

the racing... might happen

the lakes, they're all black and looking so sweet...

I'm betting on Buffalo, others have other ideas...

beware the ides

Thursday Morning! Ice Safari

This scout has DN on roof, ready to rumble...

Waconia should be fine, Buffalo or Pulaski may as well... report to follow, anybody else in on this?


Can't make Thursday but ...

...I got $20 for scooby-gas (not -snacks)!



if ok thurs pm after today and thurs sun, then that's it. little more wind here than brainerd sat/sun. but cooler up there. but looks cool enough here fri night.

ya xxxxx