2 DN Hulls for sale CHEAP!


I have two POLISH DN Iceboats for sale. They are both build with great craftsmanship - take your pick at $1,500 each. These hulls were brought over to the US for the 2009 WOLDS and NA's and have been in my basement since. The are both excellent race platforms for anyone looking to upgrade. Both hulls have all the required hardware including steering assembly, carbon tillers and mast steps.

P-55 (see photo) $1,500
P-31 (see photo) $1,500.
Polish plank for hull P-31 with chocks $300.

I will have these hulls at the Skeeter Swap meet if they are still available.

Buy them as a package / quick sale for $2,500.

Located in Pewaukee, Wi

Contact Mark Isabell (414) 852-9755

*Also listed with photos at www.iceboat.org


I have seen both hulls.

I have seen both hulls. Exceptional craftsmanship!!!