To all the users who tried to register

I'm sorry.

The user registration has been effectively broken for the last couple of, well years..

I have 8596 messages about users trying to register for the site..

of which four, maybe are valid...

So today I installed the captcha to help with the spam problem.

If someone registered and hasn't been 'approved' just send me another email and I'll activate it right away..

sorry for the confusion and frustration.


Thanks Jim...

Cheers to Neil!


Thank you for getting My account up and going! ,Conrad

st49 winged boat

Lots of recent registration activity at DNAmerica, too.

I dunno, but last weekend seemed to be a popular time for spammers to register at I just got through the last few, so if you tried to register you (hopefully) got an e-mail last night or this morning. If not, send me an e-mail directly and I'll try to get you setup asap.