Great day on ice

Spent 5 hrs out sailing on White Fish Lake.Cool weather but nice 12 MPH breeze.Ice was measured as 13" a little bumpy ( i would rate it a 6) with patches of 1-2" of snow covering.No cracks or hazards over the whole lake.No snow forcasted for the week so should be good again this weekend.


white fish public access

Hey M, Is that whitefish in Brainerd. Where do you launch from? Are there other boats running with you? .. thanks .. R


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Thunder Bay Ice
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Date and time of report:

Dec 12 2010

Ice Location:White Fish Lake
Nearest town:Thunder Bay
Ice thickness:12"
Report thinnest ice checked!:12"
Has this ice been sailed?":all day Sat Dec 11 by 5449
(Rating Criteria:
Use 1-10 with 10 being glass smooth black ice and 1 being rough with hazards or deep drifts)

How deep:1-2"
% covered: 70
Tell us more about the snow:Fresh snow

How smooth, how hard:Little bumpy,very hard
Known hazards and dangerous areas:None

How big: 2 miles by 10 miles long

Where to get on the ice:Rockies Resort
Any restrictions on vehicles driving on the ice?:NoneWHAT IS NEARBY
How far to a hotel, food, drink or hot tub? 5 min
What town?Nonalu

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Just over the Candaian Border on the way from Duluth to Thunder Bay:,+Ma...