we got ads

Hey Everybody,

Google adsense ad test in progress...

The site is only receiving the Public Service Announcements so far. I'm going to give it the 48 hrs google recommends and see if the ads get more targeted.

In these challenging economic times, there is no free lunch.. so hopefully the site can help to pay the hosting costs. (New servers = faster site).



It's about time

Absolutely no justification required...

portable ice makers?

Have you seen the ads for the portable icemakers? that's funny because the guys running the ad campaign have probably been hoping for some site with __icemaker__.. and here comes iceboating.net with..thousands of icemaker....

Sounds like a plan!

The placement seems pretty unobtrusive.

I can't click on them..

because of the agreement with google...

but I've seem some compelling ads.. I've seen a CNC cutter, of course the goPro HD, Sailing America's Cup with Dennis Conner..