Post-shaping deflection measurements

Plank Deflection After ShapingAfter a final sanding I deflected the plank to 500 lbs, then applied the first (and likely final) coat of epoxy. The spring-constant changed almost imperceptibly, from the "raw state" value of 149 lbs/inch to 151 lbs/inch after shaping. Since I'm a geek, I fit the data to three lines, one for the entire range of measurements, one for the low-range (0-300 lbs), and one for the high-range (300-500 lbs) to see if there was any change in the spring-constant. There didn't appear to any significant difference.

The ends of plank weren't quite perpendicular to the ground at 300 lbs (tilted in slightly), but I don't think I'll bother casting a wedge for the chock now.

Plank Deflected vs. Unloaded