Choices... snow is a four letter word.

As the big press to identify a site for the DN Worlds which begin late this week, sailors will be out on thin, perhaps perilous ice in two or three time zones of North America looking for that elusive combination of: a perfect sheet of ice, big enough and thick enough; a forecast that is dry enough, warm and windy enough; a launch site that will accomodate the fleet, friendly locals, and all the other variables... some of the areas being scouted are believed to be very thin, freshly frozen sheets of ice. See the Crrent Ice Summary:

It looks like the governing committee should have several choices to talk about, five would be about the right number of choices for the last conference call prior to the site selection announcement. One place to focus on and four options to take the event to should the ice conditions change as they almost always do.

This looks like it could be one of those Epic Road Trip Worlds events, where a guy could take off Tuesday headed for Thunder Bay Ontario Canada and find himself three days later on Barnegat Bay New Jersey... and driving to central Illinois to get to the event.

What a hoot.


I will save you the drive to

I will save you the drive to Thunder Bay,unless you like cross country sking,which I will be doing lots of seeing as ice boating seems to be coming to an end.