masts for sale by markham

1. sheri rocket broke at 6'+ and fixed with sheri kit,$850. 2. used biax carbon markham spec mast with current bend of new masts, glass bagged on outside to bring to current spec, $650. 3. broke meyer mast at 11' and fixed, used all last season on 2nd boat in big winds, bends same as new mast (i almost like it better as really pops at 8') and solid, $450. 4. New markham biax carbon/S glass/carbon mast as used by markham two yrs and meyer last yr with 18th in worlds. 15 lbs and bends very nice and durable. sets up and bends same as sheri mast, $1450. call markam at 608-498-1897 or email

Masts for Sale

1. Sherry Rocket repaired with sleeve kit--$850.
2. Used biaxial carbon mast, conforms to base design spec--$700.
3. New Markham biaxial carbon/S glass/carbon mast. Durable--members of the DN community prone to mast failure couldn't break it! Gold fleet participation in 2011 Gold Cup. Sets up and bends same as masts that cost much more--$1450.

Other hardware and parts available--30+ years of building and boating.

Call Markham at Six O Eight, Four Nine 8, One Eight Nine Seven or hotmail email--dniceboater@