Sunday - Lake Christina Report

The best sailing conditions imaginable!
Lake Christina, Minnesota

Nine boats were up sailing on Lake Christina on Sunday morning. It was a terrific time out sailing. It was a balmy 32degF. The ice surface was melted snow ice, but it was smooth and clear of any hazards. The breeze was fading from the wind blowing 40mph on Saturday. The first few ice-checking runs had the most breeze.

The gang at the starting line
Once we got the marks setup, we got in a total of a half-dozen races. In each of the races, 4824 (the doctor) would get a good start.. and nobody, including JD could chase him down. He was fast! Mark (4824) won the day.

We had champion soft water sailor Derek Packard out with us for his first day in a DN. He was using 4824's B-program and Derek was a quick learner, he got right up to speed picking up a third in a few races.

It was so pleasant to be sailing around on clear ice. All last year it seems like we have been sailing on some sort of snow covered moto-cross course. The ice on Lake Christina is nice.

The weather report looks good for the upcoming week, so Lake Christina is the primary location for the regatta. Launch location is the ditch at mile marker 8.

I had a great day!

Days end