2011 GWC Happenings

Deb Whitehorse from Madison is providing on site update at the Four Lake Ice Yacht Club's Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/groups/328443737171874/

She posted a short video from a couple of hours ago. It looks windy!
All the airports near Ashby are reporting pretty brisk winds.
The 11:15am reading at the closest weather station (Elbow Lake, about 13 mi SW of Christina) was 26kn gusting to 31kn (30-35mph).

That sounds even more dramatic than the truly epic 2006 Dead Lake event!

The forecast for tomorrow looks really nice, with ~10 mph wind and temps right around freezing.

Dead Lake was childs-play.....

...compared to Xtina on Friday.


I thought I heard some Yee Ha's out there...

You could hear the screams, but only in the lulls....


and it was windy!

We had a number of brave skippers go out and try their luck. Most had pretty good luck, some -no-so-much. Breeze was 25-30mph. G737 (Jorg) remarked that they were perfect conditions.. and he was hauling!