Beginner seeking Advice

I am new to iceboating, I have a skeeter 45. What i am wondering is what is the minium speed that the wind can be blowing when trying to sail? I tried yesturday (the wind was about 6-8 mph) the ice was about 8" think but top was kinda slushy) with not much luck.

Any other advise would be much appreicated

tough slush

Don't be discouraged. If it had been cold, and thus hard ice, you would have been fine. Try again.


Thanks -
I tried again today- had fun for about 15 minutes. This time ice was hard and the wind was about 30-35 mph - WOW can you go fast. Too fast for me and decided to try when not so windy.

Thanks for you comment.

Still wondering

What is the minimum speed of the wind to go ice boating

No blow, no go

I sailed Black Rock Desert dawn to dusk one day where I never stalled, and never broke walking speed. If I hadn't taken along a radio or hit an occasional dust drift, I would have fallen asleep. I imagine that that air movement was about 7, but incredibly steady. Generally, if the weather forecaster can muster up a 20, a dead calm will be avoided, "declining winds" excepted.


IMO, 8-10mph, anything less

IMO, 8-10mph, anything less is like watching water boil.

knee deep in the Hoopla

3-4 mph

If you are in hard, smooth fast ice all you need is 3-4 mph on a DN iceboat that is set up right. With that wind, reaching you can probably get it moving up to 12-15 mph.

Set up Right

Just wondering what you mean by set up right - are you talking about the skate alignment? yesterday I had about 8 mph winds but the ice was very rough, and just bearly got moving

Setup "right"

Runner alignment is absolutely critical for light-air sailing.
In higher winds alignment isn't as important because the windward runner won't be pressing down on the ice very hard (or at all if you are hiking).

In the DN "setup right" includes everything: all the runner parameters (alignment, sharpness, crown, no nicks or hollows, etc.), plank stiffness, mast stiffness, sail-shape, rig adjustments, ...

When you get all that exactly right, I've seen the Gold fleet sail around the course in (just barely) under the time-limit of 6 1/2 min/mile with 3.5 kn of wind (on nearly perfect ice). That works out to about 13 mph average speed or about 3.5 times the wind speed.