2012 Northwestern :: Day 3

That was a great regatta. Day 3 and no sailing, too windy, except for the DN's sailing down to the starting area.. to find out that it was blowing over 30mph and racing was called off. There were five of us that ventured out. I tried to go upwind in some sort of racing trim, but quickly eased out and throttled off.. JD tried and got a gust that lifted the boat off the ice..

So racing was done, and the awards ceremony was done in the 30mph winds with all our DN friends gathered around and making a good wind block.

JD First, steve0 Second, Davenport Third..

my 5th place spurs my athletic competitiveness for the upcoming 2012 DN North American Championship.

Speaking of which,

It looks like we have 66 entries for the 2012 North American DN Championship.

Two fleets of 42 and 24, and starting with 36 in the silver, 12 qualify up.

Skippers meeting at 9:00 on the ice.

sorry no photos


GO Team Minnesota

Wishing you all the best of success. Hope the weather holds out to be able to stay in Green Bay!

Thanks for the updates Jim!

Good luck to everyone in the NAs!


Geoff S.