It's an Early one this Year.

Hello Ice Boaters,

We have decided to go with the early date of Nov 30th-Dec 2nd 2012 for our season opener regatta.

What's everybody doing to get ready this year?

I still have to get my steering system working correctly, after my boat was involved in an accident in the pits at the NA's.

Looking for a mast

I'm planning on attending this event and I'm in the market for a mast for recreational DN sailing, wood or glass prefered.


PS I walked out on the ice on Otter Tail Lake yesterday!! It won't be long :)

Dirk Siems
DN US445

Get you boat ready

Get your boat ready Jim!
The Europeans will be there!


Dideric H467

Best ice in MN

Can't wait to get the new sail and mast out on the ice! To hell with global warming.