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WCCO-TV: Ice Sailing Story Idea

My name is Ramona Marozas and I'm the news apprentice at WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. I actually created a username in order to reach out to some of the people that are planning on going ice sailing on Lake Riley. You see, I'm interested in getting in contact with you in order to see if you're interested in doing an on camera interview about ice sailing.
Please feel free to reach out to me at (763) 438-1411 and e-mail me at

Thanks. I still check the

Thanks. I still check the UStream, but has said "off air"for some time. I'll check for Java update.
John got me into this mess by giving me a mast, old runners and chocks some years back. Sailed the Shark that day til I couldn't hold my head up :) Broke everything last spring goin really fast. The boats rebuilt and I wanted to sail on Riley where my DN addiction started.
Thanks again

knee deep in the Hoopla

Lake Riley

Beautiful ice...a few crack. John was out yesterday it was over 4" It should be getting close to 6" after last night. I'll be setting the Nite up today. Not much wind yet.