WCCO-TV reports on the first time the DN Iceboating World Championship is taking place in Minnesota

Link to WCCO's written article and video: http://goo.gl/VFg3B.

This is the first time in its 40 years that the DN Iceboating World Championship has ever come to Minnesota. At this championship people will race for the Gold Cup and then for the North American Championship.

“We have over 100 competitors from 9 countries,” the DN Class Secretary, Jim McDonagh, said. “We’ll be racing till we get 7 races in, in each fleet.”

There were about 100 racers in attendance on Tuesday, Jan. 29 at Lake Pepin in Lake City, Minnesota which had about two feet of ice thickness. The races were gold and silver fleets that alternated between gold and silver races. About fifty boats were on the line for each fleet.

The championship began on Sunday, Jan. 27 and is going through Saturday, Feb. 2 at Lake Pepin.
11 a.m. - races begin
4:30 p.m. - races end

“Many Minnesotans are attending since it’s so close to home,” a racer, Mike Miller, said.

WCCO had a great time covering this story. We are honored to have received the opportunity to capture the major enthusiasm of ice sailors.

Updates from Mike Miller

"Worlds completed yesterday Check the Website for results. Polish finished 1&2 followed by Mound , Mn racer John Dennis! We are in postponement now checking the ice down here for the start of the North American championship. Crusty ice and winds over 20 mph has us worried followed by sub zero wind chills and strong wind. May not start regatta till Friday," ice racer, Mike Miller, said.