Westerns set for Green Lake, Wi this weekend

Re: 2014 IDNIYRA -Western Regional Regatta - NOR & Registration
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We have race-able ice on Green Lake, WI. The other sailable lakes we have been watching have been snowed out. Green Lake was sailed Tuesday and today, January 1st, by a skeeter, Nite and DN3271. We have a 2 mile square area at County Park off of Hwy K on the southwest corner of the lake. The ice is a large orange-peel texture and is over 50% covered with light snow (1/2") and 20-30% drifts as high as one and a half inch. There was no trouble sailing in a 10 mph or more breeze. We are watching the forecast and final decision will be made by 6 PM Thursday. If it's a "go" launch site and hotel info will be provided at that time.
Julie J

Postponed a week.

Maybe scrub racing Saturday.