Westerns postponed to Nov-Dec 2014

However- Back in Minnetonka we have very good chance of ice Sat-Sun. May be a little rough but after an entire season has just about snowed by, time to get out and check it out.
Re: 2014 IDNIYRA -Western Regional Regatta - NOR & Registration

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The Western Regionals for this season is canceled. Check back in November for our attempt to complete the 2014 Championship.....After the rain last night we have 2 inches of standing water on Green Lake. Drain holes have opened up and cracks have widened. With the warm temps forecasted I have decided to pull the plug for the spring...Should a sudden cold spell preserve our 2'+ thick ice (who knows with the way this winter has gone !!) ..we will mark ice issues and keep everyone in the loop so we can atleast share some more scrub racing, if possible, on Big Green. Please share word of sailability of your lakes as well. (..as of this post..the ISA is still debating what they will do here on Big Green..) Thanks, Julie J