Jim McDonagh US 5214 Wins Western Silver Fleet the Right Way

The DN Western Regional Championships' Silver Fleet (the Real Racing) started off in big breeze with Minnesota's Jim McDonagh jumping out to a huge lead early in the first race, only to be overtaken later in the race, finishing a close second.

In the biting, well beyond brisk breeze, after the conclusion of the Gold Fleet's racing, Silver Fleet race Seven started with most of the gold fleet watching as they took their boats down, the scorers on the ice, and maybe spectators, missing the among the best racing of the entire regatta.

Jim sailed one "heck of a race" in the final race. In a tight fleet with four individual race winners, trailing the leading pack of 4-5 boats at the first downwind mark... substantially... maybe 300-400 yards... To just eek out a victory in the last 2 boatlengths of the race for a Win in Race Seven and consequently the regatta, on a tie breaker.

After the huge win, Jim was reported to say: "It's always special to come to Wisconsin and Win...maybe this will help to avenge the Vikings...:)"

Congrats to another Minnesota Ice Sailor in winning the Dick Hatfield Trophy!

US 4695


more parts!

Hey it looks like all those fancy new parts are paying off!!!! the key to speed......

Lots' O' Parts!

nice job bro'


parts is parts..

thanks weasel, i guess so..that gear from Ron Sherry of Composite Concepts is so sweet and fast...

You da MAN!

Way to go Jimmy!!! I came within one point of winning the "Silver Skate" in my second year of DN racing. It is very satisfying to see that boat I sold you (via Mike E) finally win the big one! I hear it was quite the dramatic finish, way cool!

The Professor

thanks professor..

That boat is sweet, i'm going to put another coat of varnish on her now that her true speed has come out.

Your second year..? I guess I'm on the four year program. For how long does everybody else hangout in the silver? depends i suppose.

here's my climb up the ladder
2001 DFL
2002 20th silver (or 10th bronze)
2003 10th silver

It's weird how you don't name DN's, it must be like kayaks where the boat is more an extension of yourself then a different object you name.