C-Skeeter is ready for ice

C-Skeeter is ready for ice
The new C-Skeeter is finally ready for a great Minnesota winter of Hollywood ice. It was pretty windy when I set it up in the yard, and it powered up and jumped forward on the wood under the runners a couple of times, which was really scary. Sewed up a full set of covers, the trailer is done, two sets of runners are done, sharpened and aligned, now all we need is ice.


I truly apologize if I have created controversy. My name is Pat Heppert, and I lived and sailed in Delavan for many years, and will always consider it my “home”. You may remember my black DN, or the red Renegade named “Drifter”, or the orange rumble seater named “Drifter”. Since moving to Minnesota over a decade ago, my sail number has not changed because there is no local fleet organization. I would be honored to maintain my “I” number. Please let me know who the current treasurer is, and if there is a membership form. You can reach me at Pat.T.Heppert@saint-gobain.com or 612-282-3098. Thanks, and I apologize again if I have offended anyone.

C Skeeter ready

The C Skeeter looks great. Just would like to point out that Skeeter sail numbers are assigned by the Secretary of the International Skeeter Association. The letter above the number represents the boat's home fleet.
Since the inception of the ISA in the early 1940s, the letter "I" represents the Skeeter ice Boat Club, which sails on lakes Geneva, Delavan, and Como in southeast Wisconsin.

We'd be happy to have Drifter represent the Skeeter Ice Boat Club. Annual dues are only $10.00 plus 5.5% sales tax. I can email a membership application to you. Just give the word.